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We Had A Dog in the Office

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We had a Dog in the office, this little bundle of joy in today at Winners Recruitment.

Lovely to see Dobby.

This leads us to an interesting topic (pun intended)…

What Are The Benefits of Having Dogs in The Office

1. A Dog in the office helps reduce stress

People get stressed in work but that’s part of work-life, right? But it doesn’t have to be.  Studies show dogs can help lower stress levels and improve employee job satisfaction. After all, pets tend to create a comfortable work environment that helps to counterbalance any on-the-job tension making them an instant mood booster.

2. A Dog in the Office can boost morale

When a dog greets you excitedly, isn’t it an instant mood booster? That kind of satisfaction can only come from the unconditional love of a dog—and it can do wonders for office morale. Dealing with the pressure of a tight deadline? Take a deep breath and get some encouragement from a dog.

3. A Dog in the Office can promote productivity

It is a fact that happier employees become more productive. You might think that an office full of dogs would be cause for distraction, this is probably true. But, do the benefits outweigh the novelty. Taking short breaks helps boost employees so they can return to their work with more energy, making productivity higher.

4. A Dog in the Office can help improve communication

Poor communication in the workplace can be a huge hindrance to productivity. Particularly in offices where people tend to stick to themselves, office dogs encourage team building. Pets create instantly shared interest and can facilitate deeper conversations—which is great for improving communication.

5. Dogs encourage a healthier office

Looking after an office dog takes a group. Dogs need to be walked regularly so keeping an office dog active require active humans—and active humans make healthier employees.

6. A Dog in the office improve employee retention

Dog-friendly workplaces elevate job satisfaction, which then vastly improves employee retention.

7. Dogs in the office appear more attractive to prospective hires

From a recruitment point of view, having happy employees is one of the best ways to encourage talented people to work for your company. Plus, the promise of office dogs? That’s the best employee benefit of all.

8. Office dogs get socialised, rather than being left home alone

As we know it’s not all about the employees. As any new dog owner knows a new dog must be socialised in order to get them used to be around new people and potentially other dogs, this will help both you and them as they get older.

Dog food for thought I think.

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