Damon Hollick

Commercial Account Manager

After watching the surf movie, endless summer I was inspired to surf and travel as many places as I could.

I have always been passionate about travel and surf. I found it opened so many doors for me.
Meeting people from all different cultures and demographics opened my eyes to how interesting and exciting life can be. I was lucky enough to be able to surf coach for that time, teaching thousands of people over the years. Teaching in different countries to people of all many nationalities and varying abilities helped me to hone my communication skills, learning many different coaching styles and techniques.

After 18 years of living out of suitcases and surfboard bags, I felt ready to put some roots down. Cornwall has always been home for me, and I am excited to be able to raise my little girl here close to the ocean.

Recruitment seemed an obvious choice to me as a new career direction as I have always been a strong communicator and

I love to build new relationships. Helping people find their dream job is a great thing to be a part of.