Working with a Recruiter

Working with a Recruiter – Our Guide to a Winning Recruitment Process

Working with a recruiter for the first time can be a little daunting and you may not know what parts of the process you each manage. That is why we have created a handy guide to help explain the best practices for a winning recruitment process when working with a Recruitment Agency.

Our guide to a ‘Winning’ recruitment process when working with a Recruiter…

  • Once a CV has been revived, look at it and respond to the recruiter with your interest. This means we can respond quickly to the candidate to ensure their interest in your role.
  • Propose Interview dates to the Recruitment Consultant that you and your team WILL be available, they can in turn offer the candidates specific slots.
  • Ensure that interviews happen on the agreed dates and times
  • Following each interview give clear feedback within 24 hours and the Consultant will relay this back to the candidate. The Recruitment Consultant will then take feedback from the candidate and relay this to the interviewer.
  • When working with a recruiter don’t take too long between the various stages of the recruitment process. This can look unprofessional and sows doubts in their minds. This also give your competitors and current employers the option to find them and make them offers or counter offers in advance.
  • When you have seen all the candidates for the last time get your team together and decide which candidate, if any, you would like to offer the role. Please ensure this is done promptly with a clear explanation of the offer.
  • When making an offer ensure that it is made in line with the requirements the candidate made at interview. Do not try to haggle at this stage as most candidates will walk away.
  • Also please be aware of the counter offer from the current employer as this does happen. 

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